Better with Certis - Our Customer Stories

Better with Certis - Our Customer Stories

Delivering desired business outcomes

Australia’s transport networks are at the heart of public life, with rail travel taking a special place in Sydney. As the sole operator of rail services across the metropolitan Sydney area, Sydney Trains saw up to 1.3 million passenger journeys taken each week prior to COVID-19.

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Arriving Safely into the New Normal in Singapore

6 August

Essential international travel remains crucial amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Living with this new normal, Singapore needs to prevent imported cases from spreading to the community. Measures include a mandatory 14-day Stay-Home Notice (SHN) at designated isolation facilities for all returning residents and visitors to Singapore via land, sea or air. Certis ensures the arrival experience remains seamless and as pain-free as possible under such unprecedented circumstances.

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Heartbeat of Security Operations

23 July

At Certis Security Australia, the National Operations Centre (NOC) is critical to security operations. It is the nerve centre of all that we do, and where we monitor and keep control of everything we do for our clients across over 500 sites 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.

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Keeping our Pathways and Roads Safe Amidst COVID-19

9 July

Personal Mobility Devices (PMD) whizzing at high speeds in the estates pose a safety concern to residents, especially the young and elderly who share the same pathways. Often, these encounters are too close for comfort, resulting in accidents and injuries to pedestrians and riders. In Singapore, over 85% of accidents related to PMDs resulted in injuries to the PMD riders according to The Straits Times*. PMD enforcement has therefore become more critical in ensuring the safety of our neighbourhoods.

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Innovative Solution to Boost Real-Time Security Awareness Across Australia

26 June

Industry-leading technological solution - The Business Operations Support System (BOSS), is an integral part of advanced security capabilities delivered by Certis Security Australia. Currently, BOSS has been successfully deployed nation-wide across our client sites including key transport hubs, government agencies, major healthcare centres and education facilities.

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Rethinking Facilities Management Operations

18 June

For our customer in the transport industry, ensuring a safe, reliable, and pleasant journey for their commuters is of top priority. Besides ensuring that its commuters have a comfortable experience with the transport system, our customer is also focused on keeping its facilities in clean condition.

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Integrating Security and Technology for a Safer World

12 June

From delivering mission-critical security operations, protecting sensitive key installations, securing major retail malls, healthcare institutions and transport hubs, the Certis CISCO Auxiliary Police Force has been an integral part of physical security in Singapore.

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Smarter Security for Safer Shopping Experience

5 June

Ensuring the security of customers, tenants and assets located within the mall premises is of utmost importance to a property developer who owns more than one million square feet of leasable retail space.

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