Double Triumph at the 2023 Singapore Business Review Management Excellence Awards

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Double Triumph at the 2023 Singapore Business Review Management Excellence Awards

12 December 2023

Double Triumph at the 2023 Singapore Business Review Management Excellence Awards

Certis is proud to have been recently lauded at the 2023 Singapore Business Review (SBR) Management Excellence Awards dinner that was held on 21 November 2023.  

In the Business Services category, our President and Group CEO Mr Paul Chong was named Executive of the Year in the Business Services category, while our Certis Aviation Security (CAS) team was named Team of the Year in the Business Services category.  

While Certis is committed to our Purpose of making our world safer, smarter, better, we are proud that our leaders and leadership teams are recognised for their drive, dedication and the transformative difference they have made to Certis.

Curious to know more about how they’ve made a difference? Read on! 

Paul Chong's Strategic Leadership: A Digital Revolution in Security 

Under the innovative direction of Certis President and Group CEO Mr Paul Chong, Certis has revolutionised the approach to security operations in Singapore by leveraging technology and data.  

Under Mr Chong’s leadership, Certis has transformed itself from a statutory board focused on security to an international integrated operations technology service provider today. Our diversification into new business areas includes facilities management, concierge services, and smart integrated command-and-control systems.  

Mr Chong’s bold vision has seen Certis leverage technology such as robotics, big data, analytics, and artificial intelligence to set new standards in an industry that is traditionally manpower intensive. At the same time, Mr Chong has been an advocate for inclusion as well as the continuous training and development of Certis’ 33,000-strong workforce to ensure that employees are equipped with the relevant skills to thrive in a digital workplace.  

Certis Aviation Security: A Team United in Excellence 

In a field where flexibility and quick-thinking are critical, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, CAS has shown remarkable resilience in overcoming challenges without compromising its commitment to excellence.  

In the face of challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, they demonstrated robust planning and an ability to swiftly adapt to evolving circumstances. This included assuring the safety of both passengers, airport staff and fellow colleagues in the face of risks from flight arrivals, changing circumstances such as border screening measures, and managing the issuance of Quarantine Orders in challenging circumstances fraught with uncertainty. 

CAS also set a noteworthy standard in the industry with their attention to employee well-being. Their comprehensive approach includes the provision of care packages, mental wellness programmes, and flexible work arrangements. The team’s commitment to its employees stood out when it retained all its employees during a period when layoffs were widespread. For its efforts, CAS has exemplified what it means to be resilient, adaptable and dedicated to its workforce whilst delivering operational excellence. The award is endorsement of their commitment and high standards that are upheld in the field of aviation security.

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