Certis Technology scores four technology wins for Mozart and Smart Toilet Analytics at Singapore Business Review awards

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Certis Technology scores four technology wins for Mozart and Smart Toilet Analytics at Singapore Business Review awards

26 May 2023

Certis Technology scores four technology wins for Mozart and Smart Toilet Analytics at Singapore Business Review awards

Certis Technology won four awards for its Mozart and Smart Toilet Analytics systems at the Singapore Business Review awards.

Our subsidiary, Certis Technology (Singapore), recently took home wins in four categories for our Mozart and Smart Toilet Analytics solutions. This came at the Singapore Business Review (SBR) Technology Excellence Awards 2023 and SBR National Business Awards 2023.  

Here are the details of our wins:

SBR Technology Excellence Awards 2023

  • Winner for Analytics in Safety & Security: Mozart
  • Winner for Analytics in Utilities: Smart Toilet Analytics

SBR National Business Awards 2023

  • Analytics Category Winner: Mozart
  • Utilities Category Winner: Smart Toilet Analytics

As a background, the SBR Technology Excellence Awards recognise companies with revolutionary technological advancements that drive operational changes in their respective industries, while the SBR National Business Awards honours outstanding projects that greatly contribute to Singapore's fast-growing economy.

These wins reflect Certis Technology’s commitment to continuous technological innovation, where they deliver transformative solutions that enhance their clients' operations. Both Mozart and the Smart Toilet Analytics solutions have been pivotal in streamlining operations for clients and have resulted in notable improvements in overall productivity, efficiency, and cost savings.

Curious about these winning solutions? Read on!

Mozart, a Pioneering Multi-Services Orchestration Platform  

Mozart is Certis Technology’s state-of-the-art operations management platform that offers customers a comprehensive overview of all their facilities through a single centralised command centre. Real-time inputs from security and safety sensors such as CCTV cameras, are collated to provide situational awareness round-the-clock.  

Leveraging AI (artificial intelligence)-enabled event detection modules, including facial recognition for tracking and tracing, Mozart can automate incident detection to enable critical security processes to be swiftly actioned for threat mitigation. For some clients, this has resulted in an impressive 66% improvement in response time to incidents and 20% reduction in manpower requirements.

Achieving Cleaner Restrooms with Smart Toilet Analytics

Certis Technology’s Smart Toilet Analytics is also revolutionising public restroom management with their AI-driven Hygiene Service Index (HSI) by way of a consolidated index to quantify cleanliness levels on an actionable scale.  

By aggregating and analysing data from Internet of Things (IoT) sensors measuring ammonia levels and foot traffic, along with user feedback, HIS’s predictive analytics can accurately track and determine real-time cleanliness levels. This allows for pre-emptive cleaning to be planned to ensure consistency in cleanliness, or for on-demand cleaning when necessary.  

Currently implemented in public transit restrooms such as those in MRT stations, Smart Toilet Analytics has achieved impressive results. Clients have experienced as much as a 20% improvement in both overall cleanliness and user satisfaction, as well as up to a 33% boost in productivity.

Harnessing technology to enhance operations and help clients stay ahead

On winning the awards, Leonard Oh, Senior Vice President, Deputy Head of Certis’ Technology Services Business shared: "The best gauge of the value of your technology investment is two-fold. One, the technology we put in place must integrate seamlessly with operations to deliver real business outcomes. And two, it must generate applicable data for us to harness the power of analytics. This is what we do at Certis to add value to our clients’ businesses."

Read the Singapore Business Review article about our wins here.

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