Certis Group first to trial renewable diesel in Singapore

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Certis Group first to trial renewable diesel in Singapore

26 April 2023

Certis Group first to trial renewable diesel in Singapore

Certis and ExxonMobil senior management launching R20 at Bedok South Esso station

Certis today announced its collaboration with Esso Singapore to use renewable diesel for its fleet. The trial arrangement will allow Certis to assess the environmental impact and operational efficiency of swapping conventional diesel for renewable diesel to reduce its carbon footprint immediately.  
Certis is the first organisation in Singapore to use Esso’s Renewable Diesel R20 (R20), available for the first time in the retail market locally, for its fleet. In this trial, Certis will be fuelling 10 vehicles with R20 from now until September 2023, before deciding on whether to fully adopt the fuel for its 700-vehicle fleet islandwide. 
Vice President & Head of Certis Secured Logistics Singapore, Alvin Lim said: “We are pleased to be Esso’s first partner in Singapore to use its renewable diesel in our fleet. This pilot will allow us to assess the impact in reducing our greenhouse gas emissions in our operations. 
“Our carbon footprint is definitely something that we are concerned about, as it becomes a key focus for us in our sustainability drive. Even as we explore options to green our fleet, including studying and trial the feasibility of electrifying our vehicles, the use of renewable diesel for our existing fleet is a good start on this journey,” he added. 
About Esso Renewable Diesel R20 
R20 is a high-quality renewable diesel with an estimated 15.4%1 lower lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional diesel. Made with minimum 20% renewable content, R20 is suitable for immediate use with all existing diesel engines, delivering great protection and cleaning power with the proprietary Esso Synergy™ additive.  
"This collaboration with Certis Group reinforces Esso's commitment to help our customers meet their energy needs while the land transport sector work towards its 
decarbonisation goals. We are pleased to provide a solution for customers who want to take immediate steps to reduce their emissions.” said Thia Ling Ling, Esso Singapore Sales Manager.   
Trials of electric vehicles 
Certis has also embarked on several electric vehicle trials since 2022. Trials with EVCo has commenced last year, with Certis taking up two electric SUVs which are deployed for operational and logistical purposes. Certis took on an additional two goods vehicles from EVCo in March this year, and all four vehicles are expected to be in service for four years. 
Certis has also commenced trials on electric motorcycles with MO Batteries since March this year. MO has provided Certis with two electric motorcycles, as well as all charging services throughout the trial, and the vehicles will be assessed for their charging convenience, ease of use, maintainability, and energy efficiency. 
Collectively, these initiatives contribute towards protecting our environment, which is a key focus for Certis’ Sustainability efforts. The Group continues to explore ways in optimising its operational processes to prioritise efficiency, moderate carbon footprint, and manage the impact the Group’s business has on the environment, in line with the Group’s Purpose: To Make Our World Safer, Smarter and Better. 

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