Strengthening Our Partnership with Adelaide Airport

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Strengthening Our Partnership with Adelaide Airport

09 December 2019

Strengthening Our Partnership with Adelaide Airport

Concierge contract awarded in November 2019

Certis Security Australia is pleased to announce that its aviation arm, SNP Security has been awarded the concierge contract at Adelaide Airport.

This is an extension of SNP Security’s capability not just in aviation security, but also into customer service capability. Under the new contract, SNP Security will be ensuring the safe and efficient management of the taxi rank, ride share, limousine pick up and bus parking area. 

Jason Aquilina, General Manager, Head of Aviation Security, SNP Security, said: “I’m delighted to strengthen our partnership and grow with Adelaide Airport. This addition to our services goes hand in hand to meet the needs of Adelaide Airport and its customers, from curb side to aircraft gate. I am confident that the team will deliver exceptional customer service, protect all passengers, visitors and staff at Adelaide Airport, as we put people first in all that we do.”

SNP Security began the partnership with Adelaide Airport a short eight months ago in March 2019, and the addition to the services provided demonstrates the importance of having a robust transition-in plan. This ensured all staff were recruited, placed in uniforms, standard operating procedures and training completed, all ahead of schedule and without disruption to Adelaide Airport. Adelaide Airport commented that it was a seamless and trouble-free transition, without any issues. 

The concierge contract will provide a customer service driven experience that will make passengers feel welcomed to South Australia and leave the airport with a positive experience.  This is achieved by anticipating passenger travel needs, providing details for local accommodation, places to eat, best places to go for family entertainment and telling them how long it will take to get there. 

The concierge role is an important touch point that will be one of the earliest parts of the traveller’s journey. Delivering a positive and smooth experience will only enhance the next part of their journey. This opportunity is unique to the airport as this is the first time that this contract has been awarded to a security services provider.

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