Certis launches Corporate University to build Future-Ready Workforce

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Certis launches Corporate University to build Future-Ready Workforce

25 November 2019

Certis launches Corporate University to build Future-Ready Workforce

Training focused on developing digital, multi-skilled workers and leaders for the future

Against a backdrop of a rapidly evolving business climate constantly challenged by technological advances and digital disruption, Certis unveiled its Corporate University today as part of its transformation journey as an advanced integrated security services provider. Officially launched by Guest of Honour, Minister for Education, Mr Ong Ye Kung, Certis Corporate University (CCU) reflects Certis’ deep commitment to invest in its employees and build a future-ready workforce that will help shape the broader security industry in Singapore and across the world.

As the first of its kind for the security industry in Asia, CCU is established to equip Certis with the relevant knowledge and skillsets to be ready for Industry 4.0. In the past year, Certis has invested over S$10 million in CCU to leverage innovative learning technologies and new pedagogies to drive effective continuous learning. Within the next three years, some 20,000 Certis employees are expected to benefit from over 30 programmes covering the use of design thinking, applied innovation and digitalisation skills in artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, robotics and automation. In addition, over 5,000 employees are expected to benefit from over 30 new leadership programmes.

Mr Paul Chong, Certis’ Group Chief Executive Officer said, “Certis Corporate University is key to building competencies and talent as we strengthen our position as a leading specialist operations-technology organisation. As we seek to continually be at the forefront of digital transformation, it is vital that our leaders and employees continue to stay ahead through upskilling and reskilling. Through Certis Corporate University, we aim to equip our workforce with critical and industry-relevant skillsets, so that they are able to stay future-ready in this fast-evolving business climate, and set the standards in our industry and beyond.” Building four key areas of focus for a future-ready workforce

CCU will drive the development of a future-ready workforce by focusing on four core areas namely:

  • Support personalised learning anytime, anywhere and at own pace
  • Enable digital literacy across the workforce
  • Train a multi-skilled workforce
  • Drive global leadership development

Support Personalised Learning Anytime, Anywhere and at Own Pace

As a pioneer in innovation, CCU has introduced innovative technologies and methods to enhance the applied learning experience. This includes incorporating technology such as virtual and augmented reality into the training programmes to enable the employees to learn more quickly and effectively through multiple scenario-based immersive learning. Other methods include the use of the learning management system through which Certis employees can learn anytime, anywhere based on their learning needs, interests and convenience either on the job or at the workplace.

Enable Digital Literacy Across the Workforce

As Certis seeks to continually be at the forefront of digital transformation, digital literacy skills will be a critical enabler for all employees. Therefore, new digital collaborative tools and data analytics have been incorporated into training curriculum as part of their upskilling and reskilling. In addition, Certis will continue to support the employees in enhancing their digital skills and literacy through next generation technologies such as cloud, artificial intelligence and 5G technology in the coming months.

Training of a Multi-Skilled Workforce

Certis’ transformation as an advanced integrated security services provider has enabled its workforce to embrace opportunities presented by Industry 4.0, by reskilling and upskilling its employees to be multi-skilled workers. This includes training some employees to take on multiple roles and develop skillsets that are needed for its Security+ offering. For example, Certis’ security officers are cross-trained in Security+ projects to conduct troubleshooting for facilities management faults. Other employees have been upskilled with technical knowledge to conduct offsite monitoring at Certis’ integrated operations centre.

Driving Global Leadership Development

CCU will develop customised programmes for employees to become leaders to drive the success and growth of the organisation. These bespoke programmes will be curated with Institutes of Higher Learning; and will be rolled out across all of Certis’ workforce globally. In addition, Certis will also collaborate with both local and global industry partners, and Institutes of Higher Learning to co-develop thought-leadership programmes, research studies and organisational culture initiatives for Certis and the security sector. This includes the organisation of communities of practice, and regular learning symposiums that will be held at CCU for customers, partners and employees to share best practices and apply new ideas for the security industry.

Dr Kenneth Tan, Vice President, Head, CCU added, “Our trainers have embraced the use of digital tools positively, by showing high levels of adaptability and inclination to using new learning tools in their teaching. With the good mix of technology and deep experience of our trainers, we are in good hands to imbue a continuous learning mindset in our colleagues both in Singapore, and across the world.”

CCU is located at Certis Bukit Timah, a 10,500 square metre site which also houses Certis Protection & Enforcement Services and Certis K-9 unit.

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