Certis augments employee performance through innovation and digital transformation

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Certis augments employee performance through innovation and digital transformation

03 May 2019

Certis augments employee performance through innovation and digital transformation

A strong and adaptable digital workforce forms the backbone of a nation’s economy.

Certis hosted Singapore’s Minister for Manpower Mrs Josephine Teo at Certis Commonwealth on 3 May 2019.

Mrs Teo was presented with Certis’ transformation journey from a traditional security company to an advanced integrated security solutions provider today that is at the forefront of adopting technology and holistic integration of advanced solutions such as AI and Blockchain.

Certis has expanded its industry-leading ops-tech capabilities to deliver Security+ solutions. Security+ combines advanced security, facilities management and customer service into a single holistic service, supported and underpinned by technology.

During the visit, Mrs Teo toured Certis’ Executive Briefing Centre (EBC) and BPRO® Command Centre (BCC). She was briefed on how Certis conducts holistic analysis and completes redesign of workflows to optimise end-to-end processes and automate non-value-added tasks with technology.

Growing with Certis – Developing our People, Transforming our Business

Certis is a strong supporter of MOM’s mission of developing a productive workforce and progressive workplace for Singaporeans. During the visit, Mrs Teo spoke to Mr Mohd Shaleh Halit, Deputy Operations Manager about his personal career transformations in Certis. By embracing technology, employees like Mr Shaleh multiplied their work effectiveness and achieved much more than they could imagined when they first started out their careers in Certis.

Mr Shaleh used to work as a ground supervisor in Certis before he upgraded and acquired new skill sets that allow him to now remotely monitor more than 110 sites at BCC. What made the difference for Mr Shaleh was the shift in mindset and stepping out of his comfort zone.

He left behind his familiar ground operations, started studying video analytics courses and learned how to prepare reports for clients. “It took me the whole day to prepare a report, and I practised at home till the wee hours. If I didn't understand certain things, I would text my boss," Mr Shaleh recalled. Now, he takes just two hours to do the report.

Employees at Certis are constantly given opportunities to upgrade their skill sets and knowledge, and they are also encouraged to pro-actively source for new opportunities to contribute more meaningfully.

Ms Noraisha Unus, Operations Support Executive at Certis BCC, joined Certis in 2010 as an Operations Officer and through continuous of upgrading her skillsets, she is now performing Data Analytics as well as using Video Content Analytics in her present role.

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