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Certis Evolves from Physical Security Provider to become an Advanced Integrated Security Services Partner

23 October 2018

Certis Evolves from Physical Security Provider to become an Advanced Integrated Security Services Partner

A unique specialist ops-tech outsourcing partner with advanced security and technology at its core
Extensive track record in running critical operations

Certis, a leading security services organisation today announced its transformation from a physical guarding services provider, to a unique specialist (operations-technology) ops-tech outsourcing partner with advanced security and technology at its core. This announcement comes at the back of a three-year transformation journey where Certis has expanded its industry-leading ops-tech capabilities to deliver Security Plus (Security+) solutions.

Mr Paul Chong, President and Group Executive Chief Officer of Certis said, “The New Certis is about Security+. We combine advanced security, facilities management and customer service into a single holistic service, supported and underpinned by technology. Security+ helps our customers to break down what are otherwise separate silos within their organisations, to realise synergies and provide new and better user experiences to their customers. We have many years of experience running operations for our customers. This is what makes Certis a truly unique ops-tech outsourcing partner, and enables us to drive greater value and create competitive advantage for our customers.”

Security+ Creates Unprecedented New Value

Certis’ extensive experience and proven track record in running security operations is leveraged to build design-for-purpose technology solutions that deliver optimised and reliable customer outcomes. As part of its evolution, Certis now excels in building and operating bespoke ops-tech solutions for a wide range of business needs that require deep integration of process design, security, manpower, technology and facilities management. Some of these solutions have been successfully implemented across major retail malls, healthcare institutions and transport hubs.

Certis’ transformation journey includes the following:

  • Embedded design thinking in its DNA
  • Built in-house technology and systems integration expertise
  • Expanded facilities management (FM) Integrated concierge and customer service into operations

In FY2018, Certis’ revenue reached about S$1.2 billion, crossing the S$1billion mark for the first time. Following its corporatisation in 2005, Certis has grown into a 34,000-strong global team. This includes 16,000 in Singapore, with an international presence in Australia, Hong Kong, Macau, China, Malaysia and the Middle East.

Official Opening of Certis Commonwealth

Certis Commonwealth was officially opened today by Minister for Finance, Mr Heng Swee Keat. The new building serves as a Living Lab where new technology is operationalised in a “live” environment. It is also where Certis fuses best practices into the design of technology solutions at a single command and control centre – the Integrated Operations Centre (IOC). At the IOC, data is gathered through IoT sensors and other devices, and data analytics tools raise the level of situational awareness so that better decisions can be made in a more timely manner. In addition, Certis Commonwealth is built on a “Digital Twin” framework which leverages the convergence of the physical and digital worlds to improve operational efficiency, drive process optimisation and enhance service

The building is also home to Certis’ Executive Briefing Centre (EBC). The EBC is an innovation hub specially built to provide customers with a personalised first-hand experience of Certis’ innovative smart hub capabilities, integrated operations, technology processes and the scalable solutions that they can adopt.

Certis’ Refreshed Visual Identity

Certis’ refreshed visual identity features a modern logo that emphasises its on-going evolution to an advanced integrated security services provider. In the new logo, the unique device design known as ‘fletches’, is inspired by the finshaped aerodynamic stabilisation device attached to arrows. These fletches embody Certis’ steadfast commitment to lead businesses to achieve successful outcomes through its tech-enabled advanced integrated capabilities. The dynamically evolving brand identity will be progressively rolled out to all Certis products, communications and experiences.

To this end, Mr Chong added, “Our global team is united in our vision to make the world a safer, smarter place. We work hard to deliver peace of mind to our customers, and the customers they serve. Our Security+ approach is highly relevant in today’s heightened security landscape. It’s timely for our brand identity to reflect the company that we have become.”

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