Launch of One SingHealth Security

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Launch of One SingHealth Security

21 December 2021

Launch of One SingHealth Security

It is no secret that our reliance on healthcare will continue to be of growing importance in Singapore. 

COVID-19 has resulted in evolving demands and now warrants greater attention for all healthcare providers to keep pace with increased expectations from patients, their loved ones and the public at large.

With healthcare systems expecting to become more integrated and closely connected in the near future, security providers will also have to advance and adapt in tandem to meet new operational requirements, and Certis is proud to take on the first step towards this transformation with one of the leading healthcare providers, SingHealth. 

10 December 2021 marks the birth of One SingHealth Security, where the security operations for all facilities are integrated under a single command to allow the security at SingHealth to increase the quality and speed of incident responses.

Synchronised through Argus, a fully digitalised support system developed by Certis that enhances the command and control between our officers and SingHealth Tower Security Command Centre, Certis officers are enabled to receive real-time incidents and send out critical distress alerts. Above all, Argus ensures the safety of our officers with secured GPS location tracking.

Coupled with our command centre which provides real-time data feeds and data visualisation, and a fully equipped mobile response fleet of patrol vehicles and high-capacity motorbikes, Certis delivers top-of-the-line effectiveness in surveillance and subsequent responses to any situations that arise.

Through the launch of One SingHealth Security, Certis is glad to have once again increased the bandwidth and capacity of security forces to keep you and your family safe, and we look forward to serving you too.

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