Security+ to boost productivity by more than 25%

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Security+ to boost productivity by more than 25%

10 September 2020

Security+ to boost productivity by more than 25%

Singapore’ first large-scale outcomes-based contract to provide single pane of command and control across multiple properties Integrated Approach to reduce inefficiencies in manpower deployment and systems

Inefficiencies in manpower deployment, delayed response to situations and lack of central control with several security providers are common issues often associated with managing multiple properties in large-scale precincts. In such cases, it is challenging to achieve security outcomes such as safety and productivity. Certis, Asia’s leading security services provider today announced that it will deploy advanced integrated security operations at JTC’s South-West Precinct. This is Singapore’ first large-scale outcome-based contract to integrate security and facilities management through Security+. Through this approach, Certis’ Security+ is expected to boost productivity by more than 25% for JTC’s South-West Precinct, with technology enabled security operations and a trained multi-skilled workforce.

Leveraging Technology for Speedy Response to Critical Situations

With Security+, clients like JTC can overcome security management and operational challenges, by efficiently managing a large area and diverse properties ranging from community spaces, industrial buildings and vacant land. Security+ will enable a single pane of visibility with central command and control, and real-time monitoring, reducing inefficiencies in manpower and systems costs across multiple properties. Video analytics and sensors within JTC’s South-West Precinct will be orchestrated seamlessly through Mozart, a multi-service orchestration platform which integrates data from smart operations, internet of things (IoT) sensors and mobile devices. As a result, the holistic, tech-enabled solution will help achieve heightened surveillance, speedy response and optimal deployment of manpower to critical areas. The precinct currently spans a vast area of 150 square-kilometres covering 2.5 million square metres of gross floor area across 60 properties.

Previously, response time to incidents can take as long as an hour to travel from one end of the area to the other. With Security+, JTC’s South-West precinct is remotely monitored through the centralised Command Centre operated by Certis at its building, Certis Commonwealth. Through enhanced situational awareness, response time to fire alarms is expected to be reduced by one to two minutes which are crucial in critical situations. In addition, the security team can now respond to incidents at unmanned sites with 30 minutes’ activation by the Security Operations Centre. It is manned by six officers over 24 hours.

With improved efficiency and speed of response through Mozart, the Security Operations Centre is also able to identify situations such as trespassing into secured areas, distress signals and illegal dumping at restricted sites. Additionally, allocation of manpower can be optimised as security officers are now deployed to manage critical areas first. As a result, the productivity of security officers is expected to increase by more than 25% for JTC’s South-West Precinct.

Certis’ Chief Executive, Singapore, Mr Ronald Poon said: “We are pleased to partner JTC in reimagining how large-scale complex operations can be managed through a single holistic solution. Security+ is our unique service offering, where we apply technology to integrate and orchestrate multi-service digital operations that include facilities management, guest services or other critical, non-core services. We look forward to achieving improved productivity and optimal security outcomes as we roll out Security+ for JTC’s South-West Precinct in the coming weeks.”

Mr Heah Soon Poh, Assistant Chief Executive Officer of Engineering and Operations at JTC, said, “With an extensive industrial portfolio, JTC is always seeking better ways to achieve our outcomes by continuously upgrading our people and technology, while improving our processes. We see this partnership with Certis to integrate security and facilities management in JTC’s South-West precinct, as one way forward in our drive to further streamline our estate operations and upgrade jobs in the Security and FM sectors.”

Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency through a Multi-Skilled Workforce

Against a backdrop of digital disruption and most recently a pandemic, Certis ensures that they have a pool of multi-skilled workers that are future-ready to take on a myriad of roles where needed. Certis security officers are being trained to conduct troubleshooting for facilities management faults, concierge and technological operations. Through upskilling in Certis Corporate University and on-the-job training, they are able to handle various roles on demand.

To provide consistent quality excellence throughout the operations for our customer, the Certis Service Delivery Systems (CSDS) methodology is adopted. It is Certis’ in-house system that breaks down intricate scenarios into simpler tasks for employees. Such tasks include the steps required when there is faulty plumbing or when a trespassing situation occurs. This ensures that the security officers provide quality service excellence and have the ability to handle a wide range of situations that extends beyond just their day-to-day functions.

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