Certis Wins at HR Excellence Awards 2021

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Certis Wins at HR Excellence Awards 2021

05 November 2021

Certis Wins at HR Excellence Awards 2021

Today, we received 2 awards at the HR Excellence Awards 2021 (organised by Human Resources Online). We are honoured and more so, motivated to do better by our people.

  • Excellence in Woman Empowerment Strategy (GOLD)
  • Employer of the Year (SILVER)


The HR Excellence Awards honour best-in-class HR teams and individuals for their spectacular work executed across the entire HR function. They are also the region’s only HR award that is peer-reviewed by a jury of esteemed HR practitioners.

Focus on employee experience

The Employer of the Year Award recognises Certis’ emphasis on employee experience that is supported by internal holistic evaluations of HR policies and programmes based on whether our people are “happy hires, stayers and leavers”. By leveraging technological innovations to care for and advance employee experience alongside the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Certis is able to accelerate workforce well-being initiatives into high gear, and achieve unity in diversity among the 27,000 men and women.

Open communication is essential to an enriching employee experience and regular updates on corporate announcements and developments are broadcast through email and Allegro, our internal HR digital platform, to ensure constant engagement. Employees, regardless of starting level, are also provided with structured development programmes such as our Work-Study Scheme, which allows them to pursue tuition-free studies at Republic Polytechnic while working at the same time.

Thriving amid a fast-changing pandemic

A key element of wellbeing in Certis is prioritising employees’ physical and physiological welfare. Certis has put in place flexible work arrangements even before the COVID-19 pandemic.

When employees pivoted to full remote working, they were provided with the necessary resources and equipment to communicate and fulfil their work requirements including Virtual Private Networks, webcams, ear pieces, and in 2020, a $500 budget to spend on outfitting their home office. Onsite employees leverage the use of eBox, Certis’ unique delivery and self-collection locker system, to request and collect items 24/7, keeping themselves and the wider employee population safe.

Support to help all employees thrive

Certis has developed systems where all employees are able to find ways to thrive equally in the security industry. We recognise how important women are to our workforce and culture, and it has always been a priority for us to create policies and programmes to set up safe working spaces and empower women to succeed.

In order to create an open culture and promote a safe psychological environment for all our employees, especially women, to speak out in a safe environment and be treated with mutual respect, our ALIVE (Agenda, Learn, Information, Voice, and Engage) meeting charter was established. ‘Courage’ was also introduced as a new core value in 2019 to assure employees that it is encouraged to bring up a different point of view. Certis’ women empowerment strategy ensures that equal pay between men and women is enforced, high-performing female employees are identified, and mentorship is provided to key female talent in the workplace.

Beyond celebrating women’s achievements, female employees are given opportunities to excel, scale and become role models for their peers. Women hold 28% of board seats in Certis and support a diversity of views and experience.

“All of us are experiencing the unimaginable pace of change in the way we work and these awards are a testament of the continuing efforts by my colleagues to create a nurturing and safe environment to fulfil their potential - a true second home for our employees amid such uncertain times,” said Tan Toi Chia, Chief Corporate and Human Resources Officer.

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