Certis Smart FM Solutions wins Prestigious Frost and Sullivan Award

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Certis Smart FM Solutions wins Prestigious Frost and Sullivan Award

22 September 2021

Certis Smart FM Solutions wins Prestigious Frost and Sullivan Award

Resource optimisation reaps long term hard savings via Certis Smart Technology Solutions

Singapore is ranked as one of the top countries in Southeast Asia in terms of Integrated Facilities Management adoption rate. With the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies are facing labour scarcity issues and are realising they need to seek alternatives ways such as smart, Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) and outcome-based contracts to achieve better outcomes with fewer resources.

Having foreseen this inseparable connection between Facilities Management (FM) and digitalisation in 2015, Certis Integrated Facilities Management took on a long 6-year journey to build up our capabilities. This meant that we have moved beyond the conventional FM which merely ensures that facilities do not break down. Certis IFM provides solutions to ensure the optimal quality of facilities to create the best in-house experience for customers – a differentiator that enabled us to be the only FM company in Singapore to be recognised by Frost & Sullivan for 2021 Singapore Facility Management Competitive Strategy Leadership Award. Frost & Sullivan had applied a rigorous analytical process to evaluate multiple nominees, which involved the detailed evaluation of 10 different criteria for this award, from Strategy Innovation and Execution, to Customer Impact and Experiences.

Today, we are an industry pioneer and have taken on several mega-FM projects from commercial malls to government buildings and healthcare institutions where they orchestrate multiple FM services across different sites, with customised technology created by an in-house tech team. Certis IFM had created our signature blue print by seamlessly merging various FM solutions with advanced technologies for meaningful outcomes through the following innovative ways:

a. 20% Cost-Savings through Bespoke Technology Solutions

Certis IFM’s solutions are truly unique as we work closely with clients to co-create desired outcomes using our unique BPRO®2 framework and guiding principle of Operational-Design First. We deep dive to understand clients’ pain points and operations before our dedicated tech team curates bespoke solutions that are well-fitted into clients’ operations and achieve the exact outcomes they desire.

b. Not Just Reacting, But Predicting and Preventing Incidents in A Facility

While smart technologies such as digital room booking systems and automatic lights are quite prevalent in facilities today, many companies also realise that these technologies primarily work in silos and have different configurations that make them difficult to be managed altogether. As a result, many FM operations continued to rely heavily on manpower and maintenances were reactive and done only when an issue occurs. The solutions Certis IFM developed are all integrated and managed via our multi-service orchestration platform called Mozart, which collates data from every corner of the facility, analyse them for useful insights and to perform predictive and preventive maintenance. Mozart thus provides real-time visibility and control for clients, who can perform deeper analysis of their facility and make swift decisions when incidents occur, or to schedule maintenances way before an issue occurs, and thus better allocate and optimise resources. For instance, knowing the average number of users/day for each toilet and hence determining the frequency of cleaning required, or knowing the efficiency of each air-conditioner in a mall and hence scheduling more maintenances for those that are utilised more frequently than others. This has allowed significant increase in productivity with more than 20% cost-savings achieved in manpower redeployment.

Mr Lee Hock Heng, Senior Vice President & Head of Certis Integrated Services, said “We are very grateful and humbled to receive this award by Frost and Sullivan. It reaffirms the quality and assurance of our FM capabilities. By leveraging technology such as IoT to enhance real-time visibility of our IFM developments, we achieved up to 20% savings for customers and improved conditions for occupants. We will continue to offer value driven solutions, ensuring cost-savings with the best in-house experience for our clients with our award winning IFM solutions.”

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