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Certis Group evolves, redefining the industry with 'Security-Plus' solutions

12 July 2018

Certis Group evolves, redefining the industry with 'Security-Plus' solutions

Real-life emergencies are rare in Singapore, but that is no barrier to business for a billion-dollar security firm here, says its boss.

State-owned Certis Group is instead tapping 60 years of experience, backed up by new technology, to offer a bespoke suite of security services – more than just warm bodies in blue – both in the Republic and abroad.

First a police unit, then a Home Affairs statutory board, Certis Group became a wholly-owned subsidiary of national investment firm Temasek Holdings in 2005. Beyond its base here, Australia and Hong Kong are core markets, alongside countries such as Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

Founding group chief executive Paul Chong said: “Today, Certis is more than just a security company. In fact, we’ve coined a new phrase. We call it ‘security-plus’, to represent what we really do.”

As red alerts are few, “what we do in the ordinary course of the day is more important to our clients”.

“So we have moved up one notch from being just a security provider to providing customer service... We have evolved over the years.”

The firm’s pride and joy is its proprietary Business Process Re-engineering and Operations® (BPRO®) framework, patented in 2015, which applies design thinking to tailor security solutions to clients’ demands – a method that enables technology to be deployed more efficiently.

Other technology investments have included a blockchain-based digital record-keeping service, launched last month.

Read full Business Times interview here.

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