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What does The Future of Work mean to our people at Certis?

28 June 2018

What does The Future of Work mean to our people at Certis?

With technology being a game-changer in the security industry, Certis’ pivot to technology with Business Process Re-engineering and Operations® (BPRO®) redefines the job of a traditional security officer. Our CCTV systems now have video analytics embedded to convert footages into structured data for businesses, or to analyse behaviour of subjects captured on camera.

Mr. Mohd Shaleh Halit, 38, used to work as a prison officer and a security supervisor. Embracing disruption, he is now Deputy Operations Manager of the Certis BPRO® Command Centre, and is remotely monitoring over 110 sites.

“The development of technology has created opportunities for employees to acquire new knowledge and skills, and expand their scope of work in the organisation. In the security business, technology can augment, but not fully replace human talent," said Mr. Tan Toi Chia, Senior Vice-President of Corporate Planning and Group Communications at Certis.

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