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Certis Group to offer first-of-its-kind IoT facilities management solution

13 March 2018

Certis Group to offer first-of-its-kind IoT facilities management solution

Certis Group and technology SME, Eutech Cybernetic, have teamed up to develop and launch an Internet of Things (IoT) facilities management (FM) solution that will be marketed beyond Singapore.

With facilitation by International Enterprise (IE) Singapore, Certis Group and Eutech will target new business segments in Australia and Hong Kong together.

The new iFM solution enables facility owners to centrally manage and integrate building operations, optimising energy consumption, physical security, maintenance, health and safety, space, and tenant services.

Mr Joseph CP Tan, Senior Managing Director, Certis Technology Services, said, “The partnership between Certis Group, EuTech and IE Singapore is pivotal for us to expand our technological capability in IoT Facilities Management in both the local and global markets. Building on our core capabilities in security, the IoT FM is an outcome-based approach that will strategically enhance our current service offerings and provide unparalleled value to facility owners in the long run.”

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