Transforming Built Environments: How Certis is WIRED for Smarter Integrated Facilities Management

Transforming Built Environments: How Certis is WIRED for Smarter Integrated Facilities Management

14 November 2023

Transforming Built Environments: How Certis is WIRED for Smarter Integrated Facilities Management


Facilities management has seen a profound transformation in the face of today’s digital landscape. How can businesses keep pace with the shift from traditionally manpower-intensive processes, to integrated systems backed by technology for greater overall command and control?

Here’s how Certis Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) can help businesses make this shift.


From functions working in silos to integrated solutions

Traditionally, facilities management is a compartmentalised affair, where services such as maintenance, cleaning, energy management and emergency controls are managed separately.

Today, facilities managers see the need for a more unified approach, where a single platform, designed around strategic operational outcomes desired, oversees various systems and processes.

The Singapore Government continues to be a strong advocate in this direction.   

Singapore’s Building and Construction Authority’s Built Environment Industry Transformation Map (ITM) affirms the importance of integrated planning and operations. The ITM focuses itself on three key stages of a building's lifecycle: planning, construction, and operation, with much emphasis placed on cross-business and cross-industry collaboration.

This is why Certis’ Operational-Design First approach adopts a collaborative process with partners and stakeholders. Certis’ solutions architects account for a customer’s needs, objectives, limitations as well as current system infrastructure, before the implementation of a single ops-tech solution.




Enabling the move towards integrated facilities management

Certis IFM introduces a revolutionary shift in the facilities management paradigm by offering advanced ops-tech solutions that leverage data and analytics. Certis’ proprietary solution Mozart, a smart multi-service orchestration platform, enables all aspects of facilities management to be integrated into one single interface, with a real-time view of facilities, operational status, and uses data to send real-time alerts based on customers’ needs.

Imagine a digital twin of a building, providing contextual information throughout its internal structure. Designed to enable a two-way flow of information, data from a network of sensors monitoring facilities components such as temperature, energy output, water conditions and sanitation are fed real-time into Mozart. Through the use of predictive analytics, a digital map of processes is then created for improved action, coordination and tracking.


Mozart in Action

Using Mozart, facilities managers are no longer required to juggle various operating systems and create their own dashboards manually. Instead, time is better spent on higher value tasks and strategic decision-making that would benefit tenants and users of the space as well as other profit-generating projects.

One of the best examples of Mozart in action is at Jewel Changi Airport, where Certis has reimagined operations technology to deliver an end-to-end service approach when it comes to facilities management. This includes concierge and visitor registration, horticulture and landscaping, cleaning, sanitisation and safety management, represented in a single holistic solution. Through integration, Certis orchestrated outcomes that count, including over 15% in manpower savings, and over 65% of response times saved through automation.

Another example of innovative technology is the example of Certis’ Smart Toilet Analytics. Using an AI-based Hygiene Service Index (HSI) and data gathered from feedback and sensors, Smart Toilet Analytics is able to make sense of ammonia levels and foot traffic at restrooms.This data helps predict cleanliness levels and facilities managers can undertake cleaning proactively. The system is being used at multiple MRT stops across Singapore and has led to improvements in cleanliness and user satisfaction, while also increasing staff productivity.

Recognising such contributions towards facility management, Mozart and Smart Toilet Analytics have received accolades at prestigious events such as the Singapore Business Review Technology Excellence Awards and the National Business Awards in 2023. These awards put further emphasis on Certis' dedication to providing state-of-the-art facility management solutions.


Partner Certis for the future

As facilities management shifts towards the adoption of cutting-edge technology, with an emphasis on comprehensive and smart solutions, Certis can provide the stepping stones for businesses looking to transform.

Certis IFM's integrated platform positions our clients at the forefront of this transformation. From retail to commercial buildings, we have capabilities in advanced security and maintenance services to be your single partner in managing and customising FM services to your operational needs.

Reach out to us to understand how you can be WIRED by Certis in this transformation journey. 





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