Orchestrating Excellence: How Certis is WIRED for True Command & Control 

Orchestrating Excellence: How Certis is WIRED for True Command & Control 

14 November 2023

Orchestrating Excellence: How Certis is WIRED for True Command & Control 


What do you prioritise to ensure operational excellence? While the approaches are limitless, each path however, is often fraught with challenges.

In the pursuit of operational excellence today, businesses must navigate a landscape teeming with unique roadblocks. The contemporary operating environment is intricately complex, demanding vigilant attention to numerous variables. The associated risks are therefore considerable, where a single point of failure can potentially derail an entire business.

This is why a good operations command and control system is paramount to the success of an organisation.


Command and Control: More than just buying and deploying technology

Success in command and control (C2) does not solely depend on deployed technology - a fact that debunks the common misconception that technology alone is a magic bullet for all C2 needs. A genuine tech-led solution relies on a well-designed, end-to-end ecosystem designed to optimise operations for desired outcomes.

In spite of this knowledge, many systems neglect this core principle, relying instead on a plug-and-play technology platform without first reviewing current operations and processes, nor considering how to integrate them seamlessly.

This is where Certis differentiates itself. In addition to providing a C2 platform, Certis presents proven expertise to integrate its customers’ operations with data-powered technology, offering a customised solution optimised for each customer’s needs.

Certis’ philosophy is precise: C2 technology must not only complement, but also elevate the entire concept of operations. This means a meticulous re-engineering of workflows, processes and client outcomes, against a backdrop of high customer expectations, cost pressures, labour shortage and the eagerness to adopt digital technologies.


What’s at stake?

Consider real-world scenarios where immediate and accurate responses are paramount, such as a child going missing in a crowded mall, or when an escalator at a train station breaks down during peak hour. Swift detection, response, coordination, and the correct decisions made by security and facilities teams are critical in resolving the crisis on-hand.

Certis acknowledges that technology can sometimes hinder response speed and accuracy, due to false alarms encountered. The risk here is that many operations personnel may be lulled into a dangerous sense of inaction or delayed action because of desensitisation to the many false alerts encountered in other C2 systems. 

Next, it is important to have the right talent. Certis deploys cross-functionally trained ground officers who are adept in managing multiple tasks, which therefore enhances response capabilities in a labour-starved market.

How does this all come together? Certis’ proprietary Operational-Design First approach involves close collaboration with businesses to achieve the best outcomes customers want.

Recognising the absence of a one-size-fits-all solution, Certis' solutions architects will first understand a clients' needs, objectives, current operations, and challenges before proposing robust solutions that integrate quality manpower and expertise honed from over 60 years of solid processes, and powered by bespoke data-powered technology.



Making your technology investment count – integrating multiple systems and workflows


Data, no matter how abundant, is only valuable and useful when relevant information is provided in a timely fashion, and clearly understood for good decision-making.

Understanding the importance of this concept, Certis has developed a proven multi-service orchestration platform, Mozart, which can consolidate data from multiple sources. This includes CCTVs, IoT sensors, mobile devices and more, giving the operator a comprehensive view of critical data, with accurate alerts enabling them to take appropriate actions where needed.

With Mozart, a single operator can achieve superior situation awareness spanning security, facilities management and other services. Mozart not only achieves superior situation awareness, but by tapping into a facility's digital twin, enables the operator to monitor multiple locations in real-time. On a larger scale, Mozart is also able to monitor multiple sites across a city, consolidating data from diverse business sections into one unified platform with a real-time, holistic view of operations.

Beyond incident response, Certis' integrated approach allows for other operational and commercial considerations, ensuring a consistent, positive customer experience. Through Mozart, Certis tracks and validates all processes, crucial for accurate incident management and effective manpower resource utilisation. Better operational data translates to a more powerful capacity for analysis, driving proactive planning and pre-emptive maintenance.


Experience the Certis Difference

From an immediate upswing in operational performance to long-term planning based on data and insights, Certis’ smart data-driven solutions are tailored to help businesses achieve success while building unsurpassed customer experiences at every touchpoint.

At Certis, we go beyond addressing present needs; Certis develops partnerships that allow businesses to command and control a future where excellence and efficiency are the base-line.

It’s time to experience how your business operations can become seamless being WIRED by Certis.



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