What makes the difference? CX does

What makes the difference? CX does

04 July 2022

What makes the difference? CX does

“Companies that provide an emotional connection with customers outperform the sales growth of their competitors by 85%.”, a Forbes article disclose.

Your customer’s story unfolds from the moment he or she steps through the door. Or even before. How it pans out can hinge on the smallest detail — it could be the smile from a concierge that you can feel even if a mask hides it. It could be that security officer stepping up to greet you and guide you to where you want to go. An unexpected personal touch can reframe the story, can create a spark in your customer’s journey.

This, then, is that elusive “customer experience” that statistics show drives success, where seemingly insignificant encounters can mean the difference between a loyal customer and one that doesn’t come back.

The CX journey through a cup of coffee

Customer experience — the “CX” buzz-term — is a journey. It begins when someone feels there is a choice to make. It covers every interaction from the time he or she first hears of what you have to offer, and doesn’t end until the engagement does — which you hope it doesn’t.

What matters

CX matters.

The CX storyboard highlights the multiple touch points at which you and your customer meet. These are opportunities to streamline and improve processes, your shot at (as the well-worn phrase goes) delighting your customer.

When every interaction counts, who you partner in your business can make a difference. You need a partner who plays as part of your team — understanding your operations and adopting your goals; doing their part so that you can do yours. Just as Certis does. From our unique Business Process Re-engineering and OperationsTM (BPRO®) framework that facilitates efficiency, to our Certis Service Delivery System, we have the tools and the people to help you meet the demands of a modern clientele. Whether that means upholding sustainability standards or investing in employees, we co-create outcomes while delivering the perfect guest experience, securing your peace of mind.

Making your mark

Here’s another Forbes statistic: “73% of companies with above-average customer experience perform better financially than their competitors.”

The customer decides what “above-average” means.

Ours is a digital-savvy world; one might say most of us live half our lives as denizens of the world wide web. Social media and other digital platforms allow us all to share and compare experiences, and so consumer expectations have risen. Word-of-mouth has evolved.

Stand out with a seamless delivery of service and customer experience. Every person in your team has a role to play in creating that winning impression for a strong cumulative impact across the entire CX journey. The service personnel at the start of our story? They could be one of our Certis-trained multi-skilled, multi-role employees, part of the holistic Security+ service we offer. Remember, a perceptive partner treats your business as his own; your guests as his guests.

CX at the crux

The concept of customer experience has been around for decades, but now, more than ever, the “experience economy” is showing its force. CX has become as important as the final product. Get it right and you will see the returns.

Make your brand work for you — make CX your focus.

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