Holistic Training

Holistic Training

Comprehensive Employee Development

Certis offers complete and in-depth training to equip our talents with skill sets needed in their roles. 

Tailored courses are consistently conducted for the front-line officers, and under our Ops-tech approach, they are enabled not only with security knowledge, but also customer services and facility management elements. 

These all-rounded individuals play a pivotal role by leveraging networks of intelligent systems to enhance productivity and effectiveness.

Past courses:

  • Quality Assurance System (QAS) – Recognition Scheme of Security Training Course
  • Customer Service and Communications
  • Basic Facility Management
  • First-aid
  • Emergency Terms Handling
  • Conflicts and Violence Handling
  • Discipline
  • Glooming
  • And more…


The Certis Training Centre is also capable of providing special training curriculum for front-liners on topics such as Hygiene Training during COVID-19.

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