Keeping Our Borders Safe

Keeping Our Borders Safe

Better with Certis | 16 October 2020


Singapore and Malaysia share such close ties that it is commonplace for citizens from both countries to commute across the borders for work and leisure until COVID-19 struck. Before the Movement Control Order implementation, our two land checkpoints saw an estimated 415,000 travellers daily.

Without compromising on security, speed will always remain key to processing large volumes of vehicles and travellers transiting through Tuas Checkpoint, ensuring a smooth and pleasant experience for the commuters. 


Since 2014, Auxiliary Police and Security Officers from Certis Land Security (CLS) have been playing a vital role in supporting the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) in safeguarding Singapore’s borders against illegal smuggling activities and preventing potential threats from entering Singapore. Synergising both our armed and unarmed security operations, CLS is experienced in managing large scale operations, protecting key installations, and toll enforcement. 

Between August 2019 to July 2020, Certis officers at Tuas Checkpoint has garnered a total of 63 compliments from members of the public through the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA). Following their adept management of a collision on the Second Link in 2019, Certis officers were presented with the Commissioner of Police Commendation Award for working with authorities from multiple agencies over a prolonged 6-hour period to restore the operations – a testament to our officers’ professionalism and readiness amid stressful situations.

“In light of COVID-19, our officers at Tuas Checkpoint played a key role as front-liners. Adapting quickly to the situation, our officers are trained to carry out their duties effectively and efficiently with additional safety measures in place. Our officers went beyond their call of duty by stepping up to escort COVID-19 high-risk travellers in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) through the checkpoints, to keep themselves and members of public safe,” said Assistant Superintendent of Police (APF) Muhammad Khairi Noor Khalim, Senior Manager, Land Checkpoints, Certis Land Security.

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