Less Time on Ancillary Tasks, More Focus on Quality Patient Care

Less Time on Ancillary Tasks, More Focus on Quality Patient Care

25 September 2020



With an extensive record of running operations for several healthcare groups, Certis has been supporting these professionals in their non-core, ancillary tasks, enabling them to focus on simply, their patients.

Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) is the flagship hospital of National Healthcare Group and part of Singapore’s Public Healthcare System, providing quality healthcare services primarily to a resident population of 1.4 million living in Central Singapore.

As one of the busiest multi-disciplinary hospitals in Singapore, TTSH operates more than 1,700 beds with centres of excellence such as National Centre for Infectious Diseases and Institute for Geriatrics and Active Ageing. With a mission to provide cost-effective and the best patient care, how can TTSH ensure their healthcare professionals are focusing on providing quality healthcare, instead of spending precious time on non-clinical tasks?  

Since 2018, Certis has been working with TTSH to develop solutions that allow their healthcare professionals to reduce workload on non-clinical services and focus on patient care. 

Today, more than 120 Certis staff assists nurses with non-clinical tasks, ensuring that patients enjoy a clean, safe and customer-centric experience at TTSH. From preparation of meal set-up, to maintaining cleanliness of wards, cleaning patients’ vomit receptacles, and providing mortuary services – we manage the labour-intensive, non-core yet critical ancillary services in TTSH seamlessly. 


When the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly evolved in Singapore, cross-training and upskilling was swiftly implemented for all staff, and we provided value-added services to TTSH, such as the conversion of normal wards to COVID wards. Eddie Teo, Head of Hospital Support Services under Certis Integrated Services, says, “I am proud of my staff for stepping up and adapting to the situation so quickly. We know that there are extra duties on all hospital staff during this period, and we are committed to do whatever it takes to ease their load.” 

Keeping a healthcare facility up and running requires a large deal of organisation and administration behind the scenes. Hence, we also offer a total solution that covers many other labour-intensive ancillary services, such as front-of-house operations – handling visitor queries and registration, ensuring smooth traffic within the facility, providing health screening and more. 

Beyond ancillary services support, Certis’ integrated security and facilities management solutions ensures a safe, functional and secure environment 24/7. Well-trained security officers are supported by technology such as CCTVs with video analytics capabilities, and maintenance of building facilities are backed with predictive and preventive functions. These capabilities help our customers ensure a seamless and satisfying visitor experience.   

Over the years, we have garnered multiple accolades, such as the Excellent Service Award (EXSA) for four years consecutively – a national award that recognises individuals who have delivered exceptional customer service. 864 Certis staff were awarded with EXSA in 2019, a record-breaking number which have also become a testament to our unwavering dedication to high quality standards in customer experiences. 

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