Certis Executive Briefing Centre

Forget what you know about executive briefing centres. The Certis Executive Briefing Centre (EBC) is anything but conventional. In fact, it probably is like nothing you've seen. It won't be about our technology. In fact, it will be about you. Your business. Your industry. Your possibilities. In short, the Certis EBC experience is akin to stepping into the future of your business. Arrange for a visit here.

What you will get out of a visit to the Certis EBC:

  • Unique and personalised experience

  • Customised solutions to complement your business’ expertise

  • Uplift of your service offerings

  • Strategic insights

  • Practical real-world solutions with 4 key outcomes:
    • Safety & Security
      Ensuring human touch at the centre of security delivery with right-fit operations technology and robust processes.
    • Operations Orchestration
      Optimise operations through multi-disciplinary integration and orchestration of Man, Machine and Method.
    • Liveability
      Leverage smart technologies to develop insights to customer engagement and enhance their experience.
    • Sustainability
      Maximise the building performance & efficiency through convergence and mutual environment of building, information technology and operations.



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