Keeping Rail Travellers along Sydney Trains’ Network Safe

Keeping Rail Travellers along Sydney Trains’ Network Safe

Enabling Essential International Travel Amidst COVID-19

14 September 2020

Australia’s transport networks are at the heart of public life, with rail travel taking a special place in Sydney.  As the sole operator of rail services across the metropolitan Sydney area, Sydney Trains saw up to 1.3 million passenger journeys taken each week prior to COVID-19.

Over the past few months, our daily lives have been changed in ways that would have seemed unimaginable early this year. Activities that we once took for granted have been altered almost overnight, as the safety and security of our communities has taken on an entirely new dimension due to the pandemic. Travelling around our cities are now activities that need to be carefully planned to ensure the safety of ourselves and those around us.

Certis Security Australia plays a significant role in keeping rail travellers in Australia’s largest city safe through our partnership with Transport for NSW.  We ensure that they remain a safe mode of travel through the pandemic, to support the large number of Australians who rely on them every day.

Keeping the public transport network running smoothly while simultaneously keeping travellers safe via physical distancing is no easy task. Through working closely with Transport for NSW, we have deployed a team of more than 100 COVID-19 Transport Marshalls who work tirelessly to support the safe and efficient operations of the public transport network.

The newly created roles due to COVID-19 have been designed to assist customers to move safely through busy stations and interchanges by encouraging them to maintain physical distancing when commuting.

Certis Security Australia also integrates seamlessly with Sydney Trains’ Rail Operations Centre to ensure that the COVID-19 Transport Marshalls respond to changes in passenger concentration in real-time; moving across locations to ensure that teams are present whenever there is a high concentration of travellers.

At Certis Security Australia, we are committed to ensuring the safety of our communities.  We are proud to be playing a key role in keeping the NSW public transport network moving safely and efficiently during these unprecedented times.

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