Heartbeat of Security Operations

Heartbeat of Security Operations

Ensuring Continued Quality Performance during COVID-19

23 July 2020

At Certis Security Australia, the National Operations Centre (NOC) is critical to security operations. It is the nerve centre of all that we do, and where we monitor and keep control of everything we do for our clients across over 500 sites 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round.

The role of the NOC is critical to our business, and to the quality service we provide to our clients all across Australia.

When COVID-19 first hit Australia, new systems and processes had to be thought of quickly to ensure the essential and quality security service that Certis is known for, could still be provided efficiently and quickly to our customers.

Because the NOC is important, it is imperative that their work is not disrupted by the pandemic. Head of the NOC, Stephen Mizzi, said, “If we were to get a case of COVID-19 in the NOC, it can severely impact operations and ultimately our customers will suffer.”


Today, the NOC is divided into teams at two separate locations, so as to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination. In this way, every day operations will continue to run seamlessly and customers will not be impacted.

When an incident occurs, it’s immediately logged and reported to management. The NOC ensures that each incident is escalated appropriately and it gets the appropriate and timely action it requires.

As a result, the NOC today runs operations in a seamless and efficient manner. Customers still receive the same reliable service as always.

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