Meet our Quality Excellence Team

Meet our Quality Excellence Team

Achieving excellence in 30 minutes

How long does it take to solve a Rubik's Cube for the first time?

In Certis, anyone can learn how to do it in 30 minutes using our Certis Service Delivery System (CSDS). CSDS is our in-house system which breaks down complex scenarios into simple tasks for the individual, ensuring consistent quality excellence.

Developed by our Quality Excellence (QE) team, CSDS is one of several tools in Certis’ toolkit to ensure excellence and spur innovation across the organisation globally. Other tools at the team’s disposal are Lean Six Sigma+, Design Thinking and Data Analytics to name a few.

Combining these tools, the QE team partners business units in Certis to reframe existing problems and reimagine the way things are done. This has resulted in dollar and man-hour savings, and improved user experience.   

Whether it is running a Design Thinking workshop with customers to understand their needs and co-create fresh solutions, or building a Data Analytics dashboard to monitor performance indicators and unearth new areas for improvement, the QE team has made it its mission to develop a quality mindset in all our people.

Mike Chew, Vice President, Head, Quality Excellence said, “While many organisations are happy to settle for quality management and meeting standards consistently, we believe in adopting a mindset of quality excellence where we go one further and surpass the expectations of our customers and stakeholders.”

(Photos were taken before COVID-19 measures were implemented)

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