Meet Our Team of Tech Specialists

Meet Our Team of Tech Specialists

Who built our AI-enabled mosquito identification solution?

From left to right - Poh Ju Peng (Assistant Vice President, Head, Data Science), Jason Shi (Manager, Co-innovations), Cheryl Liew (Senior Manager, Programme Management), Robert Lin (Senior Manager, Head, AI), Eric See (Assistant Vice President, Head, Technology Exploitation)

At Certis, our technology services divisions are always abuzz seeking to create innovative solutions to transform the way we work, live and interact.  

Leveraging our advanced capabilities in operations-technology, we recently launched our new Artificial Intelligence (AI) - enabled solution, a Platform as a Service (PaaS) in May 2020. The solution will help governments around the world reinvent their operations to become more agile and effective in fighting mosquito-borne diseases.

Behind this revolutionary solution is a team of tech specialists who are highly skilled in artificial intelligence, data science, cloud computing and project management. Hailing from Certis Digital Office, the team worked tirelessly from conceptualisation to completion of the final product.

No efforts were spared to build up its AI capabilities, and to provide user-friendly interfaces in the solution. Throughout the journey, the team made learning a priority. They were constantly challenging themselves to solve varying degrees of technicalities in the project.

Speaking about their adventure, Cheryl Liew from the team said, “Certis has built up an environment that encourages learning and innovation.  This has spurred the team to constantly think of new ideas and solutions that can make a difference. Together with my colleagues, we are very proud to have worked on a solution that can possibly improve the lives of people around the world.”

What’s next? This team is looking forward to developing the next ground-breaking solution.

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