Making the World His Oyster

Making the World His Oyster

Embracing Opportunities and Achieving Success

As the saying goes, “The World is your Oyster”. You can achieve anything you wish in life and go anywhere because you have the opportunity and ability to do so.

Goh Ming Xuan whose career journey with Certis began in 2016, absolutely embraced the chance to make the world his oyster. He started out with an operations role with the Airport Terminal Security Unit at Certis. As a Senior Officer Commanding, he was responsible for overseeing the access control operations in Terminal 3 and Seletar Airport in Singapore. Managing over 200 officers was challenging yet fulfilling for Ming Xuan, and it allowed him to meet people from all walks of life. They ranged from officers fresh out of training to security professionals who had been with Certis for more than 20 years. Ming Xuan was also actively involved in the initial development phase of the new Seletar Airport Terminal that opened in late 2018, and this stint provided him valuable exposure to designing security operations and processes.

As part of further career development, Ming Xuan attended the ICAO accredited National Inspector Course in Hong Kong which boosted his knowledge on aviation security international standards. During this exchange, he interacted with course-mates from the security industry, Certis Hong Kong colleagues and further understood their job functions. His team also had the opportunity to conduct a mock audit at the airport where the various security procedures and functions were thoroughly examined. This was an enriching experience which taught him best practices from Hong Kong International Airport.


Ming Xuan (1st from left) at an AVSECO course

Ming Xuan as Parade Commander


Ming Xuan was also seconded to Certis Security Australia’s Aviation Security Team where he took on the role of a Workforce Planning Analyst. It was a steep learning curve as the workforce planning methodology, culture and labour laws were vastly different from Singapore. With guidance and support from his Australian colleagues, Ming Xuan managed to adapt quickly and contribute to the organisation.

After his stint in Australia, Ming Xuan returned to Singapore in mid-2019 and assumed the role of Head, Development in April 2020. In this role, he gained exposure in many corporate functions of the company and gave him first-hand experience into how the businesses in Certis are run.

The various roles that Ming Xuan have taken up since joining Certis have constantly challenged him to step out of his comfort zone. “I am truly grateful for the opportunity to take on multiple roles within Certis. The knowledge and experience I have picked up are invaluable, this will put me in good stead as I continue to progress within Certis.”

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