Dedicated Workforce Ensuring Precision in Large Precinct Security Operations

Dedicated Workforce Ensuring Precision in Large Precinct Security Operations

Meticulous Orchestration of JTC's South-West Precinct

To play a beautiful symphony requires precision by an orchestra. Likewise, managing a large-scale complex operation requires meticulous orchestration to ensure that it runs seamlessly all day, every day.

Certis recently launched the deployment of our advanced integrated security operations for JTC’s South-West Precinct that spans 150 kilometres in Singapore. Leveraging our Security+ solution, it can help eliminate inefficiencies in manpower deployment, delayed response to situations and lack of central control for large-scale operations. Behind the scenes, keeping this operation running like clockwork is a dedicated workforce that ensures the safety and security of the precinct through an integrated approach of advanced security, technology and facilities management.

Our pool of tech specialists is able to provide real-time insights on security matters in the precinct by gathering data from IoT sensors and video analytics. They do this through Mozart, which is our innovative multi-services orchestration platform. Through their combined expertise in AI, data analytics and machine learning, they have put together this technological platform that gives our customer peace of mind that their properties are safe and secured 24/7.

With a reliable technology solution in place, our multi-skilled workforce can be assigned to more critical roles in this operation. From the roving patrol unit to physical security officers, our workforce has the capabilities to handle a myriad of security services and basic facilities management. They are our eyes on the ground and they stand ready to be deployed within 30 minutes to render assistance to critical situations. 

Managing the deployment of our Security+ solution is Leonard Oh, Vice President, Head, Certis Technology (Singapore) who said: “At Certis, we have the expertise, skillsets and most importantly a dedicated workforce that is committed to providing our customers with quality service excellence. We will continue to innovate and develop solutions that can help make our world, safer, smarter and better.”

With a diverse talent pool in Certis, we are ready to take on our next large-scale operations through Security+.

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