COVID-19: What is your new normal?

COVID-19: What is your new normal?

Impact on buildings and infrastructure

To curb the rapid spread of the coronavirus, governments worldwide have taken strong containment measures. And these unprecedented steps are posing the toughest operational challenges yet, for businesses.

These range from mandatory temperature screenings and health declarations, to movement restrictions, safe distancing laws,  and ultimately temporary closure of non-essential businesses and establishments. Control measures are causing an upheaval in the front office operations, businesses are struggling to cope with compliance – and managing costs.   


What needs to be done NOW

Traditional front office roles and processes need to be reviewed, especially in a time when safe distancing is crucial. How do businesses re-think the various operational functions, so as to reduce cost and be sustainable ? How can your business reduce headcount by transiting to multi-functional operational staff?

Technology is clearly needed to enable the new normal. But at a time like this, hefty CAPEX investments may prove hard to justify, especially not when revenues and margins are under tremendous threat. So now, more than ever, companies need to take a holistic view of how technology can support both the people and the processes in operations. This symbiotic relationship between people, processes and technology is a delicate balance that will deliver optimisation and sustainable, cost-contained outcomes.

And all of this needs to be built around the delivery of a unique customer experience for your business. Front office operations must still be customer-centric; for every business needs to retain their loyal customers now.

The notion of future-proofing your operations is no longer top priority. You need to start being ready for the new normal – right now.



Certis has a proven track record  in delivering solid business outcomes with a multi-functional workforce in front office operations, implementing right-fit technology and enhancing a winning customer experience.

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