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Interview Series with the Residents of Certis Bukit Timah: Certis K-9

6 November

L to R: Bonzo getting groomed by his trainer; Matthew Ng with Thomas; the dog run where our K-9 dogs undergo simulated exercises

Certis K-9 has officially moved to Certis Bukit Timah! Our furry colleagues now reside in a fully air-conditioned kennel made specially for them. Hear what Matthew Ng, Commanding Officer, Certis CISCO Auxiliary Police Force, Enforcement & Events Division, has to say about our K-9 unit.

How often do our K-9 dogs train?

The dogs train an average of eight hours a day from Mondays to Saturdays. Of course, there are breaks in-between training sessions to ensure that the dogs can get some rest.

Where do we train them?

We have built a special dog run which is a dedicated compound that allows us to simulate various scenarios in training. The training ranges from sniffing out of explosives to banned substances.  

Where do we groom them?

We have a grooming centre right beside the kennel in Certis Bukit Timah. Our trainers groom them at least once every five to seven days.

How often do we check on them?

Our trainers work on shifts and they have to check on the dogs every two hours, every day of the week.  

Is there a funny story you can share?

Before the move to Certis Bukit Timah, Certis K-9 was housed at The Animal Resort in Seletar. One of our dogs managed to sneak out from its kennel and helped himself to half a bucket of dog food.


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