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Welcome to Certis Bukit Timah

IGNITE! 2019 gathered over 200 Grade 6-7 supervisory staff across Singapore in the first large-scale workshop held at Certis Bukit Timah. This year, the focus was on Certis' seventh and newest core value – Safety, which emphasises the critical role which supervisors play in building and maintaining a safe working environment, as shared by Dr Kenneth Tan, Vice President, Head, Certis Academy.

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Interview Series with the Residents of Certis Bukit Timah: Certis K-9

6 November

Certis K-9 has officially moved to Certis Bukit Timah! Our furry colleagues now reside in a fully air-conditioned kennel made specially for them. Hear what Matthew Ng, Commanding Officer, Certis CISCO Auxiliary Police Force, Enforcement & Events Division, has to say about our K-9 unit.

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Learning About Argus at Certis Academy

25 October

Group Technology & Operations (GTO) recently conducted a large-scale training exercise at Certis Academy on the use of Argus. Held in Certis Bukit Timah, the session was attended by employees from Physical Security Business, Certis Academy and Certis Australia via Zoom.

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Get Ready for Certislympics

24 October

Certislympics is around the corner so we spoke to Benny Lim, Chairman of Certis Sports & Recreation Club (CSRC) to hear what employees can look forward to at the event on 15 November 2019.

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Senior Minister of State Sim Ann Visits Certis Bukit Timah

13 October

Certis Bukit Timah was visited by Senior Minister of State (SMS),Ministry of Communications and Information & Ministry of Culture Sim Ann during her regular community walkabout last Sunday.

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Interview Series with the Residents of Certis Bukit Timah: CPE

10 October

10 days after the official move to Certis Bukit Timah, we took the opportunity to speak to colleagues on their thoughts about their new workplace. Today, we sat down with Lim Chin Peng, Senior Manager, Head, Strategy & Resource Management, from Certis CISCO Protection & Enforcement Services (CPE) and here is what he shared about the transition from old to new!

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It’s All Systems Go at Certis Bukit Timah

1 October

Certis Bukit Timah is now live! Relocating from West Hub, Certis Bukit Timah is nestled in the Toh Tuck residential area. The new facility is home to three business units - Certis Academy, Certis CISCO Protection and Enforcement Services (CPE) and Certis K-9.

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CA Bids Farewell to West Hub


27 September

Certis Academy (CA) held its retreat at Certis Bukit Timah to re-affirm the team’s commitment towards their vision and mission; energise and familiarise staff around new Bukit Timah campus; and strengthen relationships among staff.

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CPE Bids Farewell to West Hub

11 September

CPE (Certis CISCO Protection and Enforcement Services) will be shifting its office to the new Certis Bukit Timah campus and commemorated its time at West Hub with a BBQ cohesion event on the open rooftop of the centre for Managers and Executives and HQ support staff.

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