Video Surveillance Services

Video Surveillance Services

Intelligent Analytics and Surveillance Solutions

Certis Video Surveillance Services

Certis’ surveillance security solutions include an intelligent video system, providing real-time and automatic notifications with machine learning support for decision-making. Our smart video surveillance solutions can be fitted in different scenarios and applications, which help deliver operational awareness to achieve security and business insights into emerging situations.

Moreover, once your network camera connects with our integrated security platform, Mozart, which brings everything together and manages cases effectively and efficiently, helps our clients do much more with less.


Video Analytics Application

Certis offers various analytics applications to provide real-time analysis where many industries could benefit from, for instance, commercial, shopping malls, residential, logistics, education, and the government.


People Counting

People Counting

  • Assists in effective crowd management or queue management which helps to enhance customer satisfaction with better resource allocation arrangement and ensure the safety of those in our clients’ premises or at the events, from the guests to staff
  • Provides business analysis and insights on people circulation in a specific area and time for sales performance enhancement


Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

  • Certis’ facial recognition technology supports extensive study for security and business insight with demographic distribution, for example, deciphering gender and age for further analysis
  • Recognises and tracks registered whitelisted and blacklisted members with biometric security identification solutions
  • Provides accurate identification of employees and tenants through employing biometric security solutions


Heat Mapping

Heat Mapping

  • Enables intrusion detection with instant trigger alerts for unauthorized access or entrance
  • Offers customer traffic flow to identify guest visiting habit and attractiveness for different zone
  • Provides video surveillance for crime prevention


Why work with Certis?

Having enough resources to keep your premises safe is a common challenge across different industries. Most businesses have surveillance security services in place to monitor and manage resources as efficiently as possible. By implementing video surveillance services, we can detect and prevent crimes such as intrusion into buildings or restricted areas, which is an invaluable crime prevention tool. Apart from the security perspective, Certis Hong Kong and Macau can also offer clients real-time monitoring and conduct various analysis for business insights and customer experience improvement.

From smart integrated security systems to video surveillance and analytics, we can seamlessly make your business premises safer, smarter and better.

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