Digital Guest Management

Digital Guest Management

Digital Guest Management System

Certis Digital Guest Management

Big data, cognitive and machine learning, and artificial intelligence – these technologies are redefining how organisations connect and communicate with their customers. Designed to provide unparalleled flexibility in enhancing concierge service experience and visitor engagement through the smart use of technologies, the digital guest management system (DGMS) is a holistic solution poised to transform your customer service experience right from start.


Digitalise Your Security with Certis

Partnering with Certis Hong Kong and Macau offers you a wide range of benefits. With a rich heritage in both physical security and security technology, our bespoke, holistic packages are designed to address your diverse challenges in your portfolio of premises.


Faster Safer and More Seamless

Faster, Safer and More Seamless

Leveraging biometric technology, security control and Microsoft Azure and Azure Cognitive service, our digital visitor management system enables a fest seamless and safe visitor journey for the visitors across their pre-arrival, arrival and exit.


Personalised Guest Engagement

Personalised Guest Engagement

Through artificial intelligence, customers’ behaviors and preferences are analysed to tailor guest services that bring about a truly personalised concierge service experience for your visitors


Certis Visitor Journey

Certis Visitor Journey

Key Features of the Digital Visitor Management System


Access Control System

Enhanced Productivity

Guided by design thinking, Certis’ digital guest management system is created with the intelligent use of technology, building upon the deep experience of our talent and robust operational processes to our customers’ benefits, enhancing customer touchpoints to deliver impeccable service.

Self-service kiosks with real-time information provides automatic notification upon visitor arrival. Integration with other systems including car park management, facility booking, guest mobile system enables seamless operations and complete visibility.


Smart Video Surveillance and Analytics

Deeper Insights with Data Analytics

Richer data collection from IoT sensors coupled with big data and machine learning provides greater insights to enhance visitor engagement 


Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security and Safety

Security operations are monitored round the clock at the Certis Integrated Operations Centre (IOC). The IOC’s vast network of sensors provides real-time sense-making capabilities and enhanced situational awareness to support ground operations, offering greater peace of mind.

IOC provides holistic security operations through Biometric identification, Whitelisting & Blacklisting. By leveraging Video Analytics, we are able to enhance Visitor Tracking and Anomaly Detection for complete security protection.


Why work with Certis?

From smart integrated security systems to digital guest management system, we can seamlessly make your business premises safer, smarter and better with delivering enhanced visitor experience. 

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