Orchestrating Excellence: How Certis is WIRED for True Command & Control 

Orchestrating Excellence: How Certis is WIRED for True Command & Control 

28 February 2024

Orchestrating Excellence: How Certis is WIRED for True Command & Control 


In the annual National Business Survey conducted by the Singapore Business Federation published in early 2023, businesses in Singapore cited wages (79%), logistics (52%), overall cost pass-through (48%), procurement costs (48%), and utilities (45%) as the top cost challenges. Containing rising costs therefore remains a key focus for many businesses, especially corporations with a large infrastructure, manpower and operational footprint.

The key to success lies in maximising resources for performance and cost savings in the long term. Challenges are compounded by multiple demands, including compliance rules, accountability to stakeholders, and achieving higher-than-before productivity levels.

By partnering Certis, companies can take a leap towards addressing operational challenges, achieving true efficiency through successful integration of operations, thereby reining in costs.


Going beyond data – towards insights

Business leaders are aware of the role data plays in their operations. Operators of large infrastructure and precincts have adopted technology to help improve operational efficiencies in different parts of the business. Yet, data is valuable only when transformed into actionable insights. Typically, data garnered across different parts of the organisation is used in silos, often limited to small gains across different departments. Most critically, these gains may not result in overall operational efficiencies.

Certis’ multi-service orchestration platform, Mozart, offers a unified data blueprint collected across the organisation, empowering managers with actionable, real-time insights by integrating information from across different spheres of operations into a single dashboard.

With this unified view of data, users can get a clear, holistic view of all areas of their business operations, and receive valuable information and even action recommendations. Mozart also employs data visualisation, which allows for sharper analysis and decision-making at a strategic level.




Attain the greatest value with the right technology

Mozart streamlines the data-gathering process and enables greater outcomes, improving manpower and resource utilisation, unlocking the recipe for operational efficiency.

1. Optimising resource allocation

In employing smart analytics and real-time operational data, organisations can gain smarter, better, higher quality insights. With a fuller picture, organisations can be empowered to make better operational decisions so resources can be optimised, eliminating wastage, which ultimately translate into cost savings.

2. Maximising manpower for swifter responses, and higher value performance

Real-time data is drawn from smart solutions including CCTVs, IoT sensors, mobile devices and more. This gives users the opportunity to make processes more efficient while significantly reducing manpower traditionally deployed for repetitive menial tasks, allowing businesses to calibrate and re-deploy manpower to higher value work.


Tackling the bottom line

Certis integrates insights beyond a single area of business. With Mozart, we are able to synergises data across different spheres of operations, such as advanced security, integrated facilities management, and guest experience.

From advanced security solutions such as smart access control and surveillance points; facilities management features ranging from lifts to parking, energy management and an ability to curate seamless guest experiences with the use of self check-in kiosks that leverage facial recognition – clients can expect less manual resources required to deliver such services, which mean greater efficiencies that yield more cost savings.

Get WIRED with Certis to enhance your growth and innovation so you can achieve your desired operational outcomes while managing the pressures of rising costs.





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