Success – A Series of Right Decisions… And The Right Partner

Success – A Series of Right Decisions… And The Right Partner

13 December 2021

Success – A Series of Right Decisions… And The Right Partner

“Some will win, some will lose, but few will do it alone.” – IBM Institute for Business Value, November 2020

How will your business fare in a post-COVID business environment? IBM’s research shows more Singapore executives viewing platform business models, ecosystems and partner networks as key business success factors in 2022. 70% of those polled plan to form partner networks within their industry, while 58% are looking outside. The desire for partnership has soared compared to 2018, when less than 20% reported such plans1.

Why is partnership critical in a disruptive environment, and what makes a right partner who will help you emerge stronger?

1.    The right partner speeds up your pandemic response

With today’s changing, uncertain environment, businesses need to adapt rapidly to challenges posed by the pandemic. Securing your supply chain, digitalising key services and putting in place new security and safety measures – these are just a few evolving changes which businesses must manage.

Working with the right partner can boost your ability and speed of responding to critical needs. When your essential operations are in the hands of experienced providers, you can focus on key business outcomes.

2.    An engine of growth with the right technology partner

The pandemic has accelerated digitalisation trends in both consumer-facing functions and back-end operations. 43% of Singapore firms have accelerated their roll-out of artificial intelligence since COVID-19 started2. In Certis’ experience, 6 in 10 of our partners are relooking their approaches to security and integrated services, exploring long-term investments in the integration of operations and technology.

A technology partner with in-house capabilities to transform advanced technology into bespoke solutions can ready your business for the post-COVID future. In working with Our Tampines Hub (OTH), we combined robotic solutions, IoT sensors and live-streaming cameras to increase security surveillance at the sprawling facility. Extensive insights enable solutions that are innovative and deliver quality outcomes. This translates into more efficient deployment of manpower and a speedier response to incidents, with security officers experiencing a 25% increase in their productivity.

3.    Your long-term success hinges on the right partnership

The right partnership goes beyond delivering just contractual terms. A forward-looking business partner is a win-win for your enterprise: they understand your business goals, leverage technology to improve your processes, and create meaningful change to secure your success for the long-term.

Harness that value. Find the right partner.


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1. “COVID-19 and the future of business in Singapore”, IBM Institute for Business Value, November 2020

2. “1 in 2 companies in Singapore has sped up AI roll-out in the wake of Covid-19,” The Straits Times, 18 May 2021

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