Certis' Solutions for World Cup 2023

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World Cup 2023

~3,500 staff strength

4 international companies as clients, including Accor

581 incidents responded to under Accor

10-20 minutes respond time, depending on incident

The Story

Arguably the biggest international sports event in the world and watched by millions across the globe, the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 was a key event for our teams at GSS Certis International (GSSCI).

It was truly our honour to have been appointed to provide security for the World Cup, where we were one of the biggest service providers. Preparations started in September 2022 before full operations took place between 10 October through to 29 December. Over 3,500 of our GSSCI security officers were deployed to oversee fan accommodations and to guard team training areas. We also worked with four key international clients including ACCOR to provide security services for their accommodation facilities.


The Goal

Our goal was to ensure a smooth, safe and enjoyable experience for our clients and staff at the World Cup 2022.
Just as the football players needed to be at their best to represent their countries in the tournament, we had conducted a stringent selection process to hire the best candidates for the additional security roles specifically needed for the World Cup.

When it came down to deployment, we wanted to ensure that we had clear oversight across all security operations especially with such a large manpower base. We had strategically arranged for the leadership team to be in country and trained them ahead of the main manpower pool. We had applied the the “first in last out” principle whereby we could be more efficient in managing this large deployment of staff conscientiously with a lean Project Management team.

Achieving Success

Our success came down to three key aspects – planning, training and technology.

During the planning stages before deployment, the details surrounding operations across all factions were drilled down, and a dedicated command centre was even set up to provide oversight of all the security operations.


To ensure that our security officers are all equipped with the necessary know-how, rigorous security training by our internationally accredited trainers was provided. Everything, from basic first aid to what should be done in the event of a fire, was covered within the training programme.

Our Officers also received special training for scenarios that may be unique to our customers’ needs.


Central to our success was the utilisation of OPTIMAX, a workforce management tool, throughout the entire World Cup deployment.

Training was specially conducted to ensure all staff were competent in using the tool and corresponding mobile app. This was integrated into the Basic Security Training course, so that the use of this tool, and other tech solutions were part of our officers’ job scope and responsibilities.


Our client, Accor, was pleased with the set-up of our operations. Throughout the entire partnership with the Accor operations team, all incidents were logged, attended to and resolved. Any issues that cropped up were escalated in a timely manner for the client’s internal follow-up.