Maritime Ports: Security Solutions

Maritime Ports: Security Solutions

Delivering Safe and Secure Services for Maritime Ports

GSS Certis International Maritime Ports Security Services

With years of experience in providing specialised port security services, we are able to offer a full range of port security services including site access control, dock security, vessel security and mobile patrol.

Operating in the port security space for decades, GSS Certis International can help you avoid security violations, manage the port facility, and implement security measures to keep your business and tenants safe while leveraging the latest cutting-edge technology for peace of mind.

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Our Security Solutions for Maritime Ports


COVID-19 Security Solutions

Keep your businesses, tenants, and employees safe with our holistic COVID-19 access control protocols. These tailored services include temperature screening, social distancing ambassadors and inspection of Ehteraz mobile phone applications to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 while enabling you to focus on your core business.


Gatehouse Security & Mobile Patrols

Our strong security presence complements the use of CCTV cameras to identify security violations and keep the facility secure. Our skilled security guards conduct vehicle checks and control access to your port while our mobile patrols provide added protection at critical hours to detect unauthorised access and accompany the delivery of high-value freight cargo.


Integrated Security and Customer Service

Ports are often used as a shared space between recreational and commercial use. Our security officers work closely with the port management team to deliver a pleasant visitor experience while always keeping an eye out to anticipate potential threats.



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