Security+ combines advanced security, facilities management and customer service into a single holistic service, supported and underpinned by technology.

Advanced Security

Advanced Security

An advanced security and specialist outsourcing partner incorporating the latest in operations technology

Smart Operations

Smart Operations

End-to-end capabilities to design, build, and operate bespoke multi-function, multi-site smart operations

Design Thinking

Design Thinking

A human-centred approach to providing optimal solutions to complex problems

Security+ captures the essence of our evolution into an advanced security and specialist outsourcing partner.

Building on 60 years of expertise delivering mission critical security operations, we have added industry leading capabilities in technology, system integration, integrated facilities management, IoT FM, and customer service.

The convergence of operations and technology through design thinking enables us to re-imagine and create new sources of value for our customers.

Today, Certis offers the unique end-to-end capabilities to design, build, and operate bespoke multi-function, multi-site smart operations.

As we forge closer, long-term partnerships with you, we will create a better, smarter and more secure world.

Experience the new and dynamically evolving Certis.

In Jewel Changi Airport, Certis has reimagined new facets of operations-technology (ops-tech) by delivering a full suite of advanced, integrated facilities management, security and guest experience in a single holistic solution, supported and underpinned by technology. 

With Security+, Certis has delivered greater situational awareness and business insights, to enable Jewel Changi Airport to focus on their core business, unleash synergies and provide better experiences to their customers.

Let us digitalise and optimise your entire operations with Security+ today. Speak to us now.

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