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Certis Healthcare


In a high-stake environment, ensure the safety of staff and patients as well as the efficient operation of the hospital with our trained security team.

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Certis Logistics & Transportation

Logistics & Transportation

Secure the supply chain and protect your freight by leaning on our security experts for the safe storage and transit of your assets.

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Certis Commercial Property Security Solutions

Commercial Property

Secure and protect your property with our in-house security services and ops-tech capabilities for seamless integration into your team to mitigate security risks.

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The Certis Difference – Delivering Beyond Security


31 December 2022

Unlock the True Value of Security

Beyond just risk avoidance, how else can Security really contribute to your business outcomes? Find out how to effectively communicate the value-add security can provide to help you meet your organisational goals.

06 July 2022

What makes the difference? CX does

An unexpected personal touch can reframe the story and create a spark in your customer’s journey.

17 December 2021

How to thrive in a high-tech, low-touch future

Take a peek into the future of your business – what role will technology be playing?

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