Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Re-Imagine Your Operations with Bespoke Ops-Tech Outsourcing Solutions

In partnership with our customers, Certis designs, builds, and operates bespoke ops-tech outsourcing solutions for a wide range of business needs.

We are unique in our ability to combine advanced security, technology & systems integration, facilities management, internet of things (IoT), concierge and other services into one seamless integrated solution; and all with in-house capabilities.

We deliver the future of outsourcing today. Check out our services below and download our corporate brochure for more information


Driving Business

Our Solutions

Today, Certis Hong Kong and Macau is a bespoke partner of choice for major residential and commercial buildings, retail malls, hospitality sectors, healthcare institutions, government sectors, educational institutes, events and iconic national precincts. Our integrated outsourcing solutions have enabled our customers to focus on their core businesses, while we manage their critical business operations.

Certis Hong Kong and Macau will offer a truly advanced integrated Smart Operations Command Centre where security, facilities management and customer service are supported and underpinned by technology. This is the latest example of how we build partnerships that deliver seamless business critical operations built on guest experience and securing peace of mind.


Integrated Technology Solutions

Integrated Technology Solutions

The digital world is constantly evolving and you need a security partner who can keep up. As the leading advanced integrated security organisation, Certis Hong Kong and Macau is renowned for building innovative systems to incorporate robust IoT security service solutions.

  • Operations technology
  • Systems integration
  • Intelligent analytics and surveillance solutions
  • Smart hub and smart city solutions
  • IoT system monitoring services
  • Infrastructure solutions


BPRO Command Centre

BPRO® Command Centre

Certis Hong Kong and Macau delivers 24/7 support through its Business Process Re-engineering and Operations (BRPO®) command centre where we monitor and help your business reform as well as re-invent business processes to adopt an outcome-based business framework enhancing services levels and cost containment.

Our BRPO® command centre is critical to delivering consistent quality service to our customers and ensures we are able to deliver you with the right assistance, at the right place and right time.

Our BRPO® command centre team manages daily operations, verification of rosters and virtual portal for our clients. You can rely on them for 24 hour support as our BRPO® command centre is always staffed with the appropriate amount of resources to meet your demands.

BPRO Command Centre



Smart Integrated Platform for Command Centre (Mozart)

With the powerful integrated platform Mozart, large-scale critical operations involving multiple processes, systems and responses are seamlessly orchestrated for greater situational awareness. By integrating and presenting data from across your operations on a single screen, Mozart gives you real-time access to critical operational information.

Find out how it delivers security compliance, transparency, assurance and more:


Digitalised Frontline Operation App (Argus)

Certis advances security with Argus − our next-generation Officer Support System designed and developed for command-and-control of our officers on the ground, which leverages our decades of experience and expertise in security operations. Argus is powered by a feature-rich task management platform that provides real-time insights into operations and empowers security officers in safeguarding people and assets, while driving efficiency and productivity.



Physical Security

Physical Security

Drawing from its roots in physical security, Certis Hong Kong and Macau is the undisputed leader in providing ops-tech powered manpower security.

  • Unarmed Guarding Services
  • Secure Logistics Services
  • Event Security Services
  • Traffic Management
  • Security Concierge
  • Security Consulting

Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing

Drawing upon our wealth of experience of corporate processes, Certis Hong Kong and Macau offers innovative and cost-effective outsourcing solutions including human resource services. 

  • Contingency Workforce Service
  • Event Manpower
  • Handover 
  • Cargo Screening Services

Awards and Recognition

HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2020 Award
Manpower Developer Award
Family-Friendly Good Employer 2020 Award
Caring Company Award - By the Hong Kong Council of Social Service

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