Rethinking Facilities Management Operations

Rethinking Facilities Management Operations

Outcome-Based Approach for Enhanced Customer Experience

18 June 2020

For our customer in the transport industry, ensuring a safe, reliable, and pleasant journey for their commuters is of top priority. Besides ensuring that its commuters have a comfortable experience with the transport system, our customer is also focused on keeping its facilities in clean condition. 

Using an outcome-based approach, Certis leverages technology to redesign their work processes and optimise manpower resources, with a thorough understanding of their business needs. As a result, Certis is able to implement a smart facilities management solution that drives efficiency and productivity outcomes throughout its transport network.

Throughout the transport network, the washrooms are monitored real-time through an array of smart sensors which measure air quality, frequency of usage and monitoring of facilities remotely. Commuters can also provide feedback on cleanliness through a smart panel in the washroom.

In addition, the solution developed by Certis includes building a digital twin to provide heightened situational awareness. This is a virtual model of its physical washrooms, which will allow remote monitoring of systems to predict issues before they occur.

With the smart facilities management solution in place, data insights and usage patterns are generated via machine learning and artificial intelligence. This alerts ad-hoc cleaning automatically, and ensure washrooms are clean around the clock with supplies replenished quickly.

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, it is important now more than ever to ensure that our facilities remain clean for the health and safety of everyone. Certis’ smart facilities management solutions offer insights-driven operations, ensuring peace of mind for our customers every day, every time.

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