Fine Art Depository

Fine Art Depository

COVID-19 Advisory: Certis Cares For Your Well-Being [Last Updated 31 May 2020]

Dear valued customers, 

Certis is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all our customers and employees. To minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission, customers will not be allowed access into our premises if they meet any of the below criteria:

  • Not wearing a mask
  • Have a fever above 37.5°C
  • Feel unwell (display any of the following symptoms: fever, cough, sore throat, chest pain, chills, muscle aches, shortness of breath, other respiratory conditions or breathing difficulties), or
  • Have travelled out of Singapore in the last 14 days.

Customers are also encouraged to follow our Safe Deposit Box Facebook page for the latest updates. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and seek your kind understanding to keep the Certis environment safe for all.

24-hour Armed Protection Armed Certis Auxiliary Police Officers are deployed 24 hours daily to accord the highest level of protection.
24-hour Alarm Monitoring You can be assured that your art pieces are safe with Certis as all our sophisticated security and fire systems are monitored round-the-clock by our Integrated Operations Centre.
Armed Auxiliary Police Officer for ALL visits

As part of the security procedure, a Certis Auxiliary Police Officer will be available to escort you during your visit.

Surveillance Systems Secured with Certis' state-of-the-art digital security surveillance system, all movements along the Fine Art Depository are closely monitored to provide absolute control and assurance that your valuables are safe.
Stringent Access Control In our secure environment, all access into our Fine Art Depository facility is strictly controlled. No one will be able to access your depository without pre-clearance and authorisation.
Dual Locking Mechanism & Seal A dual locking mechanism in every Fine Art Depository suite ensures no unauthorised access to your art pieces. The room is further sealed with a tamper-evident security seal with a unique numbering system. This provides you with additional assurance that your fine art pieces will be untouched from the last time you access.
Climate Control We understand how important it is to protect your belongings. The Fine Art Depository is enabled to configure the temperature and humidity required to cater to your needs.
Dedicated Secure Loading/ Unloading Bay Dedicated loading and unloading bay is protected by armed Auxiliary Police Officer to provide the utmost security.
Oversized Freight Elevator A dedicated oversized freight elevator is provided to ensure that art pieces are being transported as quickly as possible between loading/unloading. With dimensions of 4.4m (L) x 4.4m (W) x 2.5m (H), Certis has the capabilities to transport sculptures, installation art, or other larger art pieces.
Gas-Based Fire Suppression System A water-based fire suppression system may ruin your precious art pieces. Certis uses gas-based fire suppression systems ensuring full fire protection of your art pieces without residue or damage to your artifacts.
Dry Piping within Suite Rooms All our suite are fitted with dry piping to prevent any leakages that may damage your art pieces.
Decentralised Smoke and Fire Monitoring System Every suite is equipped with an individual smoke and fire monitoring system that is monitored 24/7 to ensure the fastest response to any situation that might arise.
Fire Retardant Door Every Certis Fine Art Depository suite is equipped with a fire retardant door that prevents fire from spreading.

Certis Fine Art Depository exceeds all fine art storage standards, making Certis the recommended storage choice for you:

Extended Service Hours We are able to extend our operating hours to suit your needs. Let us know your requirements and arrangements can be made for you to view your art pieces, any time of the day.
Easily Accessible Certis Fine Art Depository is conveniently located beside one of Singapore’s main expressway (the Pan Island Expressway which is approximately 20 minutes from the airport by car) and easily accessible by public transport. 

Click here for our location map.
Viewing Lounge View your items at the comfort of our viewing lounge.
Consistent Service StandardsISO 9000 certification ensures high customer service standards.
Strict Audit Trail A strict audit trail enhances the tracking ability and accountability of customer access, and allows for compliance across all security levels.
Proven Track RecordOur security and customer service personnel are trained to provide high standards of service, security and assistance to you, as evident in our proven track records and number of satisfied customers over the years.
Confidential You can be assured that your privacy and particulars will be held in utmost confidence.

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