Responding to all traffic needs within 15 minutes!

Responding to all traffic needs within 15 minutes!

01 June 2021


A traffic incident that happens along Singapore’s major expressways could cause traffic delays and be distressing to the affected drivers.

Hence, a smooth, safe and swift incident response by experienced recovery officers (ROs) is particularly important in alleviating the potential traffic build-up.

Since 2013, Certis has been operating the Land Transport Authority’s (LTA) Expressway Monitoring Advisory System (EMAS) Vehicle Recovery Services.

Easily identified by their bright yellow recovery trucks, our ROs patrol the expressways 24/7 and carry out an array of operations, ranging from towing a car with a flat tyre to complex operations such as recovering heavy vehicles that overturn. When a traffic incident happens, they will arrive on-site to assist motorists within 15 minutes. Moreover, they provide support to the agencies in the event of a fire or a fallen tree that may hinder traffic.

Last month, Certis officiated the commencement of a new contract with LTA to provide LTA Traffic Marshals (LTMs) on the roads. They will be joining forces with ROs as first responders to clear accidents and bring traffic flow back to normal as quickly as possible.

Leveraging our traffic marshals’ agility to reach sites ahead of our ROs, minor incidents can be managed independently even without the activation of EMAS recovery vehicles.

In the event of a major accident, these LTMs utilise Argus, an advanced command-and-control digitalised platform developed by Certis, to provide real-time updates of the situation, detect potential issues in advance and take timely remedial actions.

“Together with our traffic marshals who will join us in our five-year-long partnership with LTA, Certis will be fully equipped to assist motorists and has the ability to activate more resources should there be any other needs,” said Eugene Ong, Head of EMAS Recovery Services, Certis Land Security.

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