Certis Bukit Timah Blog

Certis Bukit Timah Blog

Certis Academy Holds Retreat to Mark Move to New Home

27 September

Certis Academy (CA) held its retreat at Certis Bukit Timah to re-affirm the team’s commitment towards their vision and mission; energise and familiarise staff around new Bukit Timah campus; and strengthen relationships among staff.

In line with Certis’ transformation, CA's move from West Hub to Bukit Timah is not just a physical move but also a holistic transformation from the inside out, including living out Certis’ vision, mission and core values. At the retreat, the team reviewed the team charter and behaviours through the symbolic act of literally throwing away negative behaviours written on slips of paper. Staff were also oriented to the new facilities through an Amazing Race-style activity where they had to take creative photos of themselves displaying the core values and Seven Habits at specific landmarks on the campus.

After a lively discussion on how to collaborate even more effectively, the team capped off the retreat with a tree-planting activity as they put down roots in their new home.


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